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Welcome to Une Femme. 

Glass slippers? Glass ceilings? Let’s make them shatter. 

Together, let’s build the future with our words, our actions, and our ideals. Let’s smash goals, follow our dreams, and support each other along the way. Let’s acknowledge where we’ve been, and drink to what we will become. 

As women, we are visionary. We are powerful. We are sympathetic. We are strong. We are fierce. We are fallible. We are the CEOs our parents wanted us to marry. We are sisters. We are friends. We are role models. We are a source of inspiration. We are anything we want to be.

Whether we’re toasting to a dream job, a first home, or progress towards a better world, Une Femme is raising a glass to women raising the bar.

"A celebration of women—named after women, and made by women, too.”

“A Champagne wish comes true”

"The best wines to drink in 2020”

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